Its the final count down!

Its the final count down! 3 days until Christmas! I am really looking forward to family time. This has been such a fun month but it really has flown by. I have met a lot of my goals and feel like I am starting to make healthy choices more naturally (portion sizes, food cravings, motivation for workout, etc).

The Pilates workout that I had been doing several times a week has shown really great and quick results for muscle tone. I was using it as a light day workout on fast days because it was only 20mins long and even though I was feeling the burn, it didn’t feel as intense as my running, weight or tae bo days. That all changed yesterday when I did the hour long accelerated Pilates workout. It was awesome but holy smokes am I sore today.

My meals were kind of weird yesterday because I didn’t eat breakfast before my errands due to no food in the house and then felt famished by 10:30 so I stopped at Chickfila and got a chicken biscuit. Then, I was so busy with holiday errands, cooking and house stuff I forgot to eat lunch. So I had dinner and then (20) chips while we watched TV. I am down 2lbs from yesterday’s weigh in but after the last 3 weeks of playing this gain/lose game I am not as excited about that.

Dinner- 348 calories

Yum! Thanks for the fish dad!
  • 4oz fresh rockfish
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • 1 TSP butter
  • lime juice
  • 2 cups steamed broccoli
  •  instant mashed potato cup

Total calories: 1070

Total lbs lost: 13

Total calories burned: 508


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