Christmas time comes once a year…

This week I have been amazed at all the people who have such a fundamental flaw in thinking. I had several people find out I was trying to lose weight and made the comment, “This is the worst time to be dieting, you should wait until after Christmas and just enjoy yourself.” Now, not all of the people who said this to me are overweight but the concept of “what’s 10 more lbs?” is just shocking to me after I have fought hard for a month to lose just a little over that. I could tell them exactly just how much blood, sweat and tears 10 more lbs would cost (I refrained:).  There will always be a reason to put off healthy choices if we look at life that way. I am in no way saying you should never enjoy something you want and live in food prison either. But healthy choices in general (food or otherwise) require disciplined and moderate decisions. I personally don’t want to put off something now that will just cause me more work later. It is not worth the extra *insert whatever the extra might be* now.

So my week experiment had interesting results. I did not lose or gain any more weight than when I was fasting. I have however, noticed that I am losing inches. My clothes are now baggy and people are noticing my weight loss. This tells me that my exercise change up was a great choice. It also tells me that maybe fasting isn’t necessary since I have kind of hit a wall after the initial 12 and have maintained the same weight for 3 weeks (2 of fasting and 1 of just counting my 1400 calories). Also, I was really bad about recording what I was eating this weekend and after Friday’s date to the Mediterranean restaurant with the delicious kebobs and rice, I’m 100% sure that I went a little over on calories. Check this out though… (this was for 2)


Also, although it goes against basically everything this blog stands for, it is Christmas so I will post this*:

Raspberry Cheesecake Bites


*As I have said before, I have no sweet tooth and therefore, I am not eating this. They are all for Kristian (AND I AM NOT ADVOCATING FOR EATING THEM ALL IN ONE SITTING).


This morning I left the house early to beat the Christmas shopper crowd and didn’t work out. But I am on my way right now!!

We have all been there.

On my way!


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