I am posting early because I won’t have a computer tomorrow but also because that lamb dinner was too good to wait and talk about. MMM, lamb. Alright, forget taco every day, I will have lamb everyday. OOH! lamb tacos!! Next time.

Anyways, I did have tacos for lunch and I have to say that Tropical Smoothie really surprised me. I was out running errands and started to feel really hungry around noon so we stopped. They completely changed their menu and now they have lots of new and delicious tacos on their menu which are mix and match pick 2 or 3. At 220 calories per taco, this was a great meal and pretty low calorie. I skipped breakfast again this morning because we got some sad news (family death) very early and I didn’t have much of an appetite. But I was really hungry by the time we ate so I got 3.

Lunch- 690 calories


Dinner-412 calories


  • 4oz roasted boneless leg of lamb
  • .5  cup mashed potatoes
  • 1 cup Leseur baby peas

Total calories: 1404*

There was a wine and deviled egg snack in the afternoon.

Total lbs lost:12

Total water: 40oz




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