She believed she could, so she did

Good morning! So this week starts my trial of no 500 calorie days. My goal is to see if the weird fluctuations are related to “starving mode” and my current stagnant exercise routines. So this week’s plan is as follows:

1400 calorie daily limit (until the app takes more calories with weight loss)

Couch to 10K program- 3 days

Pilates- 3 days

Plus some combination of the following: Squats, arm weights and pushups

I also have several food goals for this week. Rather than filling all the leftover calories with something salty and crunchy (CARBS!) at night, I plan on increasing my fruits and veggies throughout the day. I also want to drink a LOT more water which is always a hard one for me. I’m pretty sure I am dehydrated most of the time but until I really feel thirsty I don’t think about drinking anything and it is not unusual that I go half a day without having anything to drink and then don’t drink again until dinner time.

I feel good about this and even if there is no dramatic change in weight loss, I am still eating healthy and getting some great workouts. I will post my meal plan tomorrow once I make it and get the recipes together.

It’s a great day to have a great day! Happy Monday everyone.


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