Que Rachel Black song..

Last night’s “girls night in” with Abby was lots of fun. Thursday nights are always a good time to just relax. Our activities included Christmas movies, nail painting, some yummy food and a glass of bordeaux. A quiet night in doesn’t get much better than that.

But now, it’s Friday and we have another fun weekend planned–Friend dinner tonight, (visiting from out of town) family lunch tomorrow, hubby date night, and Christmas party on Sunday! I am looking forward to all of it :).

So, I weigh a lb heavier than yesterday but I bought a new scale so it may just be a difference in calibration. I decided that even if it is correct, it was time to get rid of my scale. It was 10 years old and it was one of those digital deals that also could calculate bone density and lots of other fancy things (that I never used). But when we moved something got reset and the units changed to kg instead of lbs so weighing myself required more thinking than really necessary.

Lots of yummy meals yesterday, here is what I ate:

Breakfast- 210 calories

Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwich

Lunch-412 calories “Northender” sandwich (YUM!!)


Dinner- 540 calories


  • 3oz fusilli
  • 4oz butternut squash
  • 1oz pancetta
  • .5 oz parmesan reggano
  • garlic to taste
  • parsley for garnish
  • .5 tsp olive oil

My uncle lived in Italy several months out of the year for many years when he was teaching and always shares delicious, authentic recipes with us. As usual, it did not disappoint.

Put butternut squash pieces in a food processor and pulse until very small. Cook on medium heat with the olive oil, pancetta and garlic until tender. While that is cooking, cook and drain the pasta. Grate parmesan into the pasta while still hot and toss everything together.

Total calories- 1395

Total lbs lost: 12

Total calories burned 501



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