It’s Friday!!! And we have a fabulous weekend of fun planned with some great people.   I am especially excited for first Christmas party of the season, fireworks and friends visiting. This will be a short post because my to-do list is a mile long.

Great news is, I lost all of that random mystery weight plus an extra pound. Despite my thorough enjoyment of greasy, unhealthy lunch yesterday, I managed to lose anyway which is a reminder that eating a “cheat meal” as long as you stay within the calorie goal for the day isn’t actually cheating at all.

What-a-burger, for anyone who doesn’t know, is the best burger you will ever eat. This is not to be confused with the chain on the West Coast. There is nothing West Coast about this place.  It is a one room, standing only, hole in the wall in a sketchier part of Newport News. And most of the ladies that cook the burgers have been working there as long as my dad has been taking me on dates there (which is 20+ years). Yum!

Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: Jimmy  Dean breakfast sandwich (I know it’s boring but it’s the easiest and most filling thing I can eat in the mornings)

Lunch: (Estimated)700 calories

Im drooling….

Dinner- 530 calories

I didn’t take a picture but I had spaghetti with deer sausage meat sauce that my dad made. Also delicious!

Total calories 1428

Total lbs lost: 13

Total calories burned: 339


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