Run Run, fast as you can..

As I was enjoying the third consecutive cold, rainy indoor day yesterday I stumbled upon on a forum for other people (from the UK) that are using the 5:2 diet model. People discussing everything from “is it safe to exercise on a fast day?”to “why is my weight loss so slow?” I clicked on the latter thinking that someone would be able to help me but it was actually encouraging in another way. People who were writing in this forum were saying that they were having lots of fluctuation in their weight and ultimately only were losing 3lbs in a month!! That is bananas! I am way to impatient to have stuck with it that long if there was so little reward. So when I look at the reasons why I would be holding onto weight this week and see that this is the first time I have gained anything since I have started (even with lots of exercise). It was a nice reminder that I need to calm down and be thankful that I have lost 12lbs in 5 weeks and that this is actually really good for such a short period of time.

Fasting is always hardest as we are watching TV because that’s when I used to senselessly eat truckloads of saltine crackers at a time. My brain still hasn’t adjusted to not eating in front of the TV. I am actually amazed when I think about how quickly bad habits form because we were not the “eat in front of the TV family” growing up. In fact, I think the only thing I ever ate while watching the little TV that I did view might have been microwave popcorn. The living room was just not a place where food belonged. And then marrying someone who did grow up with meals in front of the TV (I am not blaming him :)) we quickly got in the habit of watching during meals after a long day or snacking while watching a movie. I feel like I have been doing well though. No binge eating in this house! And today was a VERY boring day for food.

No exciting pictures of breakfast or lunch. Breakfast was a Jimmy Dean sandwich and lunch was a cheese stick.

Dinner however was delicious.


  • spiralize zucchini
  • 1/2 cup classico mushroom and olive sauce
  • 1 oz italian sausage
  • parmesan cheese

Total calories: EXACTLY 500! (that never happens)

Total lbs lost: 12.5



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