Back to food prison

I kid–this really isn’t bad at all and the results prove it’s worth all the math. Food prison would be something that eliminates the fun things out of eating like Atkins or juicing. So I obviously haven’t blogged or food journaled since Wednesday. Kristian has been working from home because of the holiday so he had the computer all week/weekend. But I also just felt like to take my neurotic killjoy-ing out of this holiday, it would be better to just not weigh myself at all until today.

After doing this for a month I have a pretty good idea of how to eyeball recommended portions and tried to stick to that. So the good news is I didn’t gain any weight. The bad news is,  I also didn’t lose any lbs in 6 days. But no matter, today is a fast day and I plan on doing Pilates so hopefully I will be back on track to lose 8lbs by Christmas. I also got some new recipe ideas from Allison (Thank you!) who has been doing 5:2 a little longer than me and has also seen great results. I am excited to try them next week.

Here is the plan for this week:


As you can see, Thursday and Friday’s lunch are empty. This is just because I have super busy days planned for both and will probably end up eating something quick. And we ended up eating the adobo for dinner last night because I needed to use up the pork tenderloin so that will change once I figure out what to make.


Total lbs lost: 12

Because it’s funny:



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