It always seems impossible until it’s done

It has officially been a month in this new healthy lifestyle and I feel great. I have more energy, losing weight is always fun, clothes that haven’t fit in a year are now fitting again and I am motivated to keep completing my goals. My next goal is to lose 8lbs before Christmas. I figured that was a more reasonable goal because of all the holiday parties and events. And 18lbs in 2months is really a lot of weight to lose in a short period of time. I am dreading the plateau and I know it will probably come before Christmas. But onward and upward, I am determined to do what I can to make sure things keep going.

This weekend was a blast! We had a fabulous Christmas light date Friday, Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning and then went to Richmond for “Thanksgiving” with my brother, sister-in-law and parents. And yesterday after church, another lazy rainy day in front of the fire.

As much as I enjoyed every minute, I also was really bad about eating. I did not use my MyPlate app at all so I have a vague idea about how many calories I consumed and it’s not great. I did however, weigh myself this morning and I didn’t gain anything (whew). ¬†Hopefully today’s fast day will get me back on track. This week is going to be eventful. We are having dinner guests tomorrow, Kristian’s family Thanksgiving on Thursday and my family on Friday. EATING, EATING, EATING. Extra gym time is in order this week for sure.

Again, here is to finding balance between healthy choices and being able to enjoy life and experiences.

LBs lost: 10


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