Happy Monday!

What a wonderful, quiet weekend! Friday I had a late, (for us) but very nice date with my husband to Carrabas where I ate my body weight in rich food. I was super resolved about just getting the entree that I had calculated nutrition for and then Kristian was late because of tunnel traffic and the regular Friday night crowd had us still waiting for a booth at 8pm! By the time we sat down I was super Hangry  and thought, “FORGET THIS, IM EATING EVERYTHING ON THE MENU.” <—slight exaggeration

I find it interesting that I enjoy the food less when I know how many hundreds of calories I am consuming. I left feeling guilty and was sure I gained 10lbs from eating that huge meal. I felt so bad about that I didn’t even weigh myself Saturday morning. But Saturday I had a great 45mins on the treadmill and did house work which burned almost 500 calories and Sunday I was able to squeeze in Pilates before church. I also had some great healthy meals including some delicious fresh red fish that my dad caught in North Carolina. Yesterday morning when I weighed myself I had not gained the 10lbs that I feared but in fact, lost another lb!! Lessons learned:

  1. This saying is true: “One bad meal doesn’t make you fat, anymore than one healthy meal makes you skinny”
  2. My initial stages of dieting often produce ridged, obsessiveness that is unhealthy.
  3. I need to relax. And if I really can’t enjoy a great meal without such intense guilt maybe I should skip it and eat something I can enjoy during and after I eat it.

So hear is to a healthier mindset and making this week great!

Someone asked if I would post my meals prior to eating them so they could eat what I am eating. And since I meal plan a week ahead, this is very possible. There just won’t be any yummy pictures of the food for you to drool over. 🙂 Here are the next 2 days:


Total lbs lost: 6

[Happy] Fast Day!


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