Day 4

Happy Halloween-eve! As we prepare for tomorrow’s trunk or treat I am really tempted to go buy some bananas to support my cause of healthy eating and trash all the candy I bought–but I won’t :). Luckily, since I don’t really crave or enjoy sugar, there is zero temptation to eat the candy. Now, if someone was passing out saltine crackers I might have a problem.

I did not lose any weight yesterday and while we enjoyed some yummy food yesterday, the menus were not as healthy as they should have been. The calories were still within the appropriate range but I can’t help but wonder if the ratios of carbs/fat/protein have something to do with that. This is obviously a learning experience and I have to remember that: 1. I am not going to lose pounds every day–that is an unrealistic expectation. 2. I am eating less and healthier which is the whole point.  3. Rigid and unforgiving diets lead to binging and ultimately quitting.

Breakfast- 105 calories



Lunch- 470 calories

Trader joes chicken wrap

IMG_2858 IMG_2859

This was not as good as I thought it would be and not worth the high calories. Not terrible though.

Afternoon Snack- saltines and 5oz of red wine.

Dinner- 465 calories

Hotsilog-This is not an actual picture of our dinner because somehow, I forgot to take one. This is a Filipino dish that is usually eaten for breakfast but we enjoy having it for dinner because it is so filling. I also add kimchi to mine because I enjoy the crunch and spiciness.


  • 2 eggs over easy
  • 2 turkey hot dogs
  • 1 cup of rice
  • 2 oz of kimchi (this is not part of the Filipino recipe)

Total calories:  1380

Weight loss 3.5lbs

Exercise: 130 calories burned


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