Day 3


Happy Friday-eve everyone! I have to say, I was a little discouraged this morning to discover I had only lost a 1/2 LB after yesterday’s fasting day. But I opened wordpress to start this post and noticed that people are actually reading my blog! Nothing like a view from someone in China to make my tiny amateur blogging heart burst with pride. Anyways, yesterday was hard. I decided to save calories for a big dinner since that is when I am most hungry however, this was a mistake. Not only did I have a persistent headache, I was impossibly hungry–enough so that my stomach growled loudly most of the afternoon. Clearly, this is no good so I will need to research a little bit more what people are doing on fast days. I would think several small meals might work but I will need to work on what that would be for next week.

Breakfast and Lunch- 165 calories


  • hard boiled egg
  • 1 can starkist tuna
  • lemon pepper
  • lemon juice
  • 1 leaf of Romaine lettuce

Afternoon Snack- 14 calories

  • 2 almonds

Dinner- 320 calories

Now, when I said earlier that I was hungry, I don’t know that it was properly expressed. And I honestly was close to googling a picture of a chicken sandwich and slapping it up here. But since I am being transparent for the purpose of accountability, I will post my real picture.

Chickfila Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich


I was half way through before I realized that I am supposed to be documenting food. Silly hunger.

In addition to these 2 meals, I also had 3 pickle spears which are calorie-free BUT have enough sodium to make your fingers swell. I suspect this might be part of the reason that I only lost .5lb. In the future I will need to figure out a better way to plan my fast days.

Total calories: 499

Lbs lost: 3.5

Hopefully better luck tomorrow!


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