New Beginnings

Previously, this blog was intended to document recipes, act as a source of accountability during weight loss and provide an outlet for my ramblings. With several new goals, this will still be the intended purpose and I will try to keep it as light and pithy as possible.

As I reread the blog that I started 4 years ago, I am inspired by how much has changed. I was newly married, in graduate school and seemed to have very short sighted goals which was a perfect use for Atkins. While I did dropped 30lbs of stress weight and was able to go on our Cancun vacation and look fabulous, the sustainability of that lifestyle was limited. My current goals are still to lose weight but rather than living in such an extreme, and what I know now to be health detrimental way, we have started a journey to just eat and live a healthier life.

Since I bombard my Facebook friends with my food pictures every day and am often asked for my recipes, I figured this might be a better outlet to document my new journey. The “diet plan” that we are currently using is the 5:2 system. I will admit that it seems a little bit fad-ish and similar in sustainability to Atkins. However, I am using this merely as a jumpstart and will eventually add more calories as things progress.

For anyone who has not heard of the 5:2 diet, it is basically:

5 days-consume a number of calories predetermined by weightless or maintenance goals (1469 calories in my case)

2 days-consume 500 calories for the day (600 for males) which are known as “fast days”

I know the fast days sound awful, but it really isn’t so bad and the weight falls off very quickly. As things progress and my weight goal is obtained, the fast day calorie limit will obviously increase. Now I will be honest, this is a lot of work. In order to meal plan, there is A LOT more math involved but I am using the MyPlate App which helps. This lets you record your food intake, weight, water intake and even has a pedometer.

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone other than just myself!



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