I’m officially the worst blogger EVER

I acknowledge that this is one of many with apologies for inconsistent posting in my blog history and frankly, I have no good reason why. I just need to make it a priority. Now then, for some catch up…

We have had a number of plain, straight forward Atkins recipes this and last week–mainly featuring meat/fish and a vegetable. Our meats are mostly chicken, and salmon although we did try Bison burgers this week which were delicious and had a crab feast on Sunday with some friends and family.

The recipe I would like to share was a side dish that we made on Monday with our Salmon. Cauliflower tots

Now let me start by saying, if you are expecting crispy tater tots, this will be a disappointment. These are closer in texture to the soft versions you made have had in the elementary school cafeteria. However, with the right seasoning and extra calories you probably could improve the texture. I borrowed the recipe from the internet and followed it exactly. There were two ways to make them with similar warnings to my own about texture if you choose not to fry them. We may try them again fried but they were still very tasty just baked. The recipe is attached below.



The second thing I would like to share is a salad dressing that I got from Christie Latta.

Nothing was measured but it consists of jalapeño, lemon and pickle juice (form the jars)  with minced garlic and seasoning. The seasoning I used was Baida- Complete Seasoning.  This is a great fresh dressing and it is really yummy. The reason why there are not measurements is because 1. I don’t  like to measure 🙂 and 2. Because this is largely a “to taste” recipe. If you like it hot, then put extra jalapeño juice, if you like more of something else, then that will be the predominant flavor.

This is the Bison burger with sautéed onions and mushrooms and salad with the juice dressing
This is the Bison burger with sautéed onions and mushrooms and salad with the juice dressing



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