I finally met my goal!

I FINALLY MET MY WEIGHT GOAL THIS MORNING!! When I got on the scale, I seriously couldn’t believe it! I might lose a few more and continue toning just so I can really eat all manor of carbs in Mexico (in 6 weeks!). Today, we had a fantastic hike and hopefully we will have more beautiful weather so we can keep up the cardo outside.

With that said, I made a fun birthday lunch for Kristian.

Open faced cheddar burgers on heart shaped bread

lean ground beef


mayo to taste

1 piece of low carb bread

montreal steak seasoning to taste

a pinch of shredded cheddar cheese for each burger

Make small patties and make a well in the middle for cheese. Cover cheese with burger and sprinkle montreal steak seasoning.Grill burgers on medium high heat until cooked through. Put mayo on bread and cut a piece of lettuce for the bread.



We had deviled eggs on the side. Yum 🙂


Total weight loss: 31lbs
New weight goal: 5lbs

Enjoy the last  few hours of the weekend!


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