Beautiful Mexico :)

Valentin Imperial Maya Resort

Among the many reasons why we decided we needed to lose weight, we recently booked  a 4 night stay at a beautiful resort to celebrate our graduations (my graduate school and Kristian’s undergraduate).  So the motivation to get fit is an obvious push for this:

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

instead of this….

NOT as attractive.

We are on day 38 of our diet. I have lost a total of 19lbs. Kristian has already met his goal (of course). The goal is to lose another 11lbs before May 14, 2012.  We have been on Atkins for a little over a month and try to work out 250 minutes/ week.  My hopes for this blog is to kind of track our progress and also include some of our recipes and workouts. Beyond my great motivation, this blog seems like it will be useful in motivating me and hopefully offer some support to other people trying to lose too.


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